Cloud by Nicholai Wiig-Hansen

Cloud Large Vase Vaporous Grey"I live with the prototypes in my home, before finally deciding to make them into actual designs."

- Designer Nicholai Wiig-Hansen

Some sights, smells, sounds instantly transport us to a particular event or time. More than the exact memory, it is the particular feeling of an experience past we suddenly relive. 

This is exactly what has moved designer and raawii co-founder Nicholai Wiig-Hansen in creating the Cloud shapes. The collection is born from a personal experience: the items’ appearance recreates for him the feeling he got when looking at one of his father’s sculptures, Danish artist Svend Wiig-Hansen. Nicholai’s choice of ceramic as matter is also related to his family – his mother was a ceramicist. Through his artistic home environment, he developed a profound interest and understanding of figures, which he deepened through his study of classical drawings by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. With this particular know-how, the collection shapes were crafted by hand, through many iterations, until they reached the expression and feeling he was looking for.

The name Cloud captures the objects’ dreamy and seemingly changing quality. Just like clouds changing and morphing shape while being observed, the three pieces - a large vase, a small vase and a centrepiece – seem to shift shape. Depending on their play with light and shadow and the observer’s mindset their charmingly imprecise, hand-made silhouettes constantly reveal new patterns and angles.

A new vibrant shade – sloe green – complements the soft outlines alongside three colourways emblematic for raawii. The pieces bring that intriguing quality of understated eye-catchers to an interior, alone or playfully combined.

The collection will retail exclusively with Selfridges London and until the 12th June 2022.